Gradations of Heaven

The question of whether or not heaven/the age to come/the New Creation will have homogenous equality or not (i.e. the question of rewards) has been one I’ve often pondered. The parable of the ten minas (Luke 19:11-27) seems to imply it, but I see problems with motivating people to good deeds on the basis of rewards. Well, listen to Jonathan Edwards’ explanation of the distinctions that will be present in the next life:

Every vessel that is cast into this ocean of happiness is full, though there are some vessels far larger than others; and there shall be no such thing as envy in heaven, but perfect love shall reign throughout the whole society.

I think he may be right. Why would I not want to live in this life so as to increase my capacity for enjoyment of God, a capacity that may carry over into eternity?


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