One of the things I’m looking forward to on my upcoming sabbatical is detoxing from email, blogs, and Twitter. I hope to establish more healthy patterns when I return in the fall.

This quote from Alan Jacobs’ blog I found to be very applicable to pastors too:

I decided long ago that the one absolutely key commitment one must make in order to survive as an academic is: During work time, work; during play time, play. It’s far too easy for academics — and most other knowledge workers as well — to allow work and play to blur together, so that, yeah, you’re writing that conference paper, but you’re also stopping every five minutes to check your email, tweet, IM with other friends who are similarly procrastinating, follow a rabbit-trail of links on the internet. It’s the habit of succumbing to these temptations that leads to evenings at the office when you ought to be having a glass of wine with your spouse or reading to your children.


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