Settling In To Russiaville

Saturday evening we rolled in to my parent’s place, honking the horn loudly, because we can do that out here and not bother anybody. Here’s a picture of where we’ll be living for June:

Our room is the one right above the porch.

Yesterday we went to my parents’ church in nearby Kokomo – Morning Star Church. It was very different than Immanuel, but we met with the Lord in worship and heard from him in the sermon. I’m eager to experience different churches this summer to gain insights into our own.

As we were driving to Indiana my oldest commented, “I miss my neighborhood.” It is very different out here. Everyone is white. People talk with a drawl. And there’s a cultural form of Christianity that is still prevalent. For example, after church we stopped by the ‘Western Days’ festival in Russiaville (population 1000, 6 churches), and the ‘mainstage’ was featuring a ‘Christian Concert Extravaganza’ with gospel and praise music and calls to accept Christ if you haven’t already. “We’re not in Chicago anymore!” I remarked to Andrea. It’s a good place to relax – the change of setting is helpful, the pace is slower, the scenery is gorgeous to me… Yet there are deep spiritual issues here too, just of a different variety.


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