We Need to Pray

Just read this today from Anthony Burgess (a Westminster Divine; d. 1664) on prayer:

Why in these latter days [is it that] the Word preached makes no more wonderful works? At first propagation of the gospel, so many fish were caught in the net that it was ready to break. And at the first Reformation out of Popery, the kingdom of God suffered violence, but now he that is profane is profane still, the blind are blind still, the proud still proud. What is the matter? Is not the Word of God as powerful as ever? Is not the Lord’s arm as strong as ever? Yes, but the zeal of people is grown cold. There are not such fervent prayers, such high esteems of the means of grace. Men do not besiege heaven, giving God no rest day or night till he come with salvation into their souls, and truly the Spirit of prayer is a sure forerunner of spiritual mercies to be bestowed.

I look forward to getting back to Immanuel and seeking to increase our corporate prayer life this fall. But it would be cool if corporate prayer took off and flourished even this summer while I was gone! I’ll be praying for that…


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