Carl Trueman writes in the forward to his book Reformation: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (Christian Focus, 2000) of his desire to qualify his “promotion of biblical theological teaching and preaching by emphasizing the need for the preacher to confront and engage his hearers. ‘Hey, I bet you never saw Jesus in this text before,’ is not an adequate application of the Bible; and yet too many so-called redemptive historical preachers and teachers in the Vos (or perhaps, to be charitable and not to impute the sins of the followers to the founder) pseudo-Vos tradition, consider their job to be done when they produced a nice, neat, dry-as-dust lecture on a passage which does just that and no more” (p. 9). Woops! Preaching cannot be less than showing how every passage of Scripture is about Jesus, but it is more. I want to grow in this aspect of preaching in my next phase of ministry at Immanuel when I get back.


One Comment to “Busted”

  1. Ouch. That caught me big time! I stop there way too often in my own thinking, probably I think, because of a pendulum swing having missed that very step (of seeing Christ throughout the Scriptures) for most of my life.

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