Last night Andrea and I had our fourth and final counseling session together. Every Monday in June we have been leaving the kids with grandparents and driving 45 minutes west to Faith Biblical Counseling in Lafayette and then going out for a date afterwards. It’s been very helpful and we are grateful for their ministry. We met with an older pastor and his wife and were able to openly share our struggles in ministry and marriage with them and get wise counsel. There was a lot of homework (videos to watch, exercises to do, articles and books to read). It didn’t bring us to complete sanctification, but it was very good at exposing idols of the heart and giving us more insight into how to apply the gospel and strengthen our marriage. We’re looking forward to continuing to grow in grace together for many years to come.

This Friday is our 10 year anniversary! We will be getting away for a couple days to a Bed & Breakfast nearby:
Pray for Andrea, though, as she is suffering from Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease right now and painful blisters all over is not anyone’s idea of a romantic getaway!


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