The Bathroom is Done!

Finally! If only I was being paid by the hour! I just put the finishing touches on the bathroom and took an inaugural shower in it this morning.



We ripped into this the first week of the Sabbatical (May 27th – June 2), thinking it would be done then. That’s funny now. We got back from Indiana on June 30 and resumed work pretty much non-stop with several 12 hour days. But alas it is done and it looks pretty nice (although I’m tempted to wonder if it was worth it????; having a new bathroom certainly won’t solve all my problems in life). Some tips if you’re an amateur and want to tackle a project like this:

(1) Plan for it to take longer than you think.
(2) Use the pre-mixed adhesive.
(3) Always count on two coats.
(4) Have the right tools.
(5) You shouldn’t cut the tiles to fit right up next to the faucets.
(6) Don’t ask me to help.
(7) There are probably many more…

We had a truly marvelous time in Indiana. It seems like a distant memory now. We’ve been busy with this project since settling back in to Chicago. I’m excited to have it done and spend more time reading now. We had a good Fourth of July with Andrea’s parents. This weekend is the Elder Retreat with their families. I’m really looking forward to that time together!


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