Life in Chicago in July

It’s been good to be around Chicago this month. God is teaching me more and more how to relax in the gospel and not base my worth on my productivity, to enjoy the good things he gives me from the overflow of his grace.

I started Physical Therapy last week for my back and actually started to see some progress. Pray for healing there so I can be free to love and serve people better (Mk. 1:31). I also got a tooth repaired and next week will get an eye exam and new glasses. So it’s been a lot of knocking stuff like that out.

We’ve been visiting other churches this summer and that has been a good experience. It’s a blessing to be served and preached to. It’s also refreshing to see that the grass is not greener on the other side of the fence, as the saying goes. I’ve learned that every church has things you can nit-pick. There is no secret out there that I’ve been oblivious to the past 8 years. Church is church. People are people. It’s making me eager to dive back in to our community and plow ahead together with everyone there.

I’m very pumped about seeing the whole church again this weekend at our Annual Summer Retreat in Streator! The speaker is top notch – Dane Ortlund. But more than that it will be great to be all together with my church for an extended time. We’ll also be having a baptism or two!

See you there!!


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