The Church Retreat was great! Dane Ortlund gave us some refreshing ‘gospel defibrilation’. One of the best parts was celebrating two baptisms!

This week has been busy helping people move in and out of our apartments, but we’re excited to be having more people from church living in the same building with us.

This afternoon we head out for Wheaton. Next week we will be camping with all of Andrea’s family in Iowa and then we’ll be living out in Wheaton with Andrea’s parents for the rest of the month.

I leave you with a great quote I came across recently in my reading:

But there is no understanding the period of the Reformation in England until we have grasped the fact that the quarrel between the Puritans and the Papists was not primarily a quarrel between rigorism and indulgence, and that, in so far as it was, the rigorism was on the Roman side. On many questions, and specially in their view of the marriage bed, the Puritans were the indulgent party; if we may without disrespect so use the name of a great Roman Catholic, a great writer, and a great man, they were much more Chestertonian than their adversaries.

By the way, that’s from C.S. Lewis.

If you want to see what I’ve been reading lately, check out my Goodreads page.


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