Bible Reading

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Francis Schaeffer’s Trilogy (The God Who Is There, Escape from Reason, and He Is There and He Is Not Silent)! I’m not sure why I hadn’t read them before (although I was introduced to this thinking several years ago by reading Nancy Pearcey’s Total Truth and before that Chuck Colson’s How Now Shall We Live?). Anyway, I highly recommend it.

Here’s one more juicy quote (of dozens) that should encourage Christians to read their Bibles everyday, even if it doesn’t seem like anything epic comes out of it (p. 334):

We should read the Bible for various reasons. It should be read for facts, and it should also be read devotionally. But reading the Bible every day of one’s life does something else – it gives one a different mentality. In the modern world we are surrounded by the mentality of the uniformity of natural causes in a closed system, but as we read the Bible it gives us a different mentality. Do not minimize the fact that in reading the Bible we are living in a mentality which is the right one, opposed to the great wall of this other mentality which is forced upon us on every side – in education, in literature, in the arts, and in the mass media.


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