Big Words in Preaching

Preaching IS NOT presenting a grad school exegesis paper! It should be clear and free of unnecessary jargon and accessible to all, as much as possible.

That being said, you don’t have to avoid theological terms altogether, if they are helpful. I once heard Ed Stetzer say that if people in our culture can learn to order at Starbucks (what’s a Venti??) then we can use theological words in church.

Last Sunday in the sermon I used the terms ‘indicative’ and ‘imperative’. I really believe that understanding the relationship between these two moods in the Bible is the key to understanding Christianity. And I believe these words provide helpful categories. So I used them. I was careful to explain and define them as I did. After the service I had a fourteen year old come up to me and say she really liked that sermon. “Especially the part about imperatives and indicatives,” she said.


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