Preach and Pray; Love and Stay

I just got back from the Desiring God Conference for Pastors in Minneapolis. More posts will come, I’m sure. The first session on Monday was Mark Dever doing what he does best – encouraging pastors to preach, pray, love, and stay. He closed with this story:

One day, before the American Revolution, there was a day of remarkable gloom and darkness. There was an eclipse over the New England states known for years afterwards simply as “The Dark Day” – a day when the light of the sun was slowly extinguished. The legislature of Connecticut was in session and as its members saw the unexpected and unaccountable darkness coming on they shared in the general awe and terror. It was supposed by many that this was the Last Day, that the Day of Judgment had come and someone, in consternation, moved an adjournment. And then there arose an old Puritan legislator – Mr. Davenport of Stamford – and said that if the Last Day had come he desired to be found in his place doing his duty and therefore moved that candles be brought in so that the house could proceed with its duty.

I think there was a quietness in that man’s mind, the quietness of heavenly wisdom and inflexible willingness to obey present duty. My pastor friend, you and I should do our duty in all things like this old Puritan.


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