The Gospel in Everything!

Tonight sitting around the dinner table the conversation with the kids turned to bodily functions. Giggles abounded as we discussed ear wax, puke, mucous, and the many different synonyms for passing gas that we will allow to be used in our family. Then I remembered something that I read in Tim Keller’s Center Church (p. 121) earlier today and shared it with them:

Ajith Fernando, a Sri Lankan evangelist, communicates the idea of substitutionary atonement to his listeners by using an illustration:

Have you ever had an infected wound or sore? When you open it, what comes rolling out? Pus. And what is that? It is basically the collective corpses of white blood cells fighting the infection that have died so that you may live. Do you see? Substitutionary salvation is in your very blood.

You really can turn every conversation with your kids to the gospel in a fun way!


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