How the Church Keeps You Connected to Jesus

There are two kinds of magnets: permanent, or “hard,” magnets, and temporary, or “soft,” magnets. The difference is that hard magnets produce their own magnetic field, while soft magnets only become magnetic when they are in the vicinity of foreign magnetic field.

For example, a paper clip is a soft magnet. When it is near or connected to a hard magnet, one paper clip will attract other paper clips to it. Many of us have done the experiment in science class of seeing how many paperclips you can dangle in a chain from a magnet. What happens when a middle clip breaks loose? Half the chain tumbles down.

When it comes to the church, Jesus is like a hard, permanent magnet, and we are like paper clips. His magnetic field runs through us and holds us together. In order for us to grow in our connection with Jesus, we have to stay connected to each other. If we become isolated from the church, Jesus will have less influence on us: we will neither hear his word preached, nor celebrate the Lord’s Table, nor experience the community of his body. However, the more we stay connected to other Christians – through accountability, service, and going to church – the more we will grow in our connection to Jesus.

From Eric McKiddie, Show Then Tell: 52 Illustrations for Believing and Living the Gospel (2013), 21-22.


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