Preaching Wisdom from Art Azurdia

Last week I was at The Legacy Conference and was ministered to in many ways.

One of the highlights was Art Azurdia’s message on Friday morning. That was preaching!

So I went to his workshop session that afternoon on “Spirit Empowered Preaching of the Text.” Here are some of the golden nuggets I got from it:

* In preaching we are not merely giving an ‘invitation’. An invitation is something you can accept or decline. Preaching the gospel is giving a ‘summons’ that to reject is to disobey.

* We have a foolish MESSAGE (the gospel), a foolish METHOD (proclamation), and a foolish MEANS (Spirit empowered preaching)

* A preacher is a butler, not a chef. You don’t make the meal, you just get it to the table without messing it up.

* Don’t share; declare!

* In determining your call to preach there must be three things present:
(1) Internal Compulsion
(2) External Confirmation – (a) gifts; (b) character
(3) Providential Opportunity

And he shared this quote from Spurgeon:

The gospel is preached in the ears of all men; it only comes with power to some. The power that is in the gospel does not lie in the eloquence of the preacher otherwise men would be converters of souls. Nor does it lie in the preacher’s learning; otherwise it could consists of the wisdom of men. We might preach till our tongues rotted, till we should exhaust our lungs and die, but never a soul would be converted unless there were mysterious power going with it – the Holy Ghost changing the will of man. O Sirs! We might as well preach to stone walls as preach to humanity unless the Holy Ghost be with the word, to give it power to convert the soul.


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