A Comment on Commentaries

It’s rare to find a biblical commentary that is well-written and engaging.  It’s even more rare to find one that uses poetic, imaginative language.  I’ve been enjoying Ronald B. Allen’s commentary on Numbers in The Expositor’s Bible Commentary.  Check out this comment on Numbers 11:31-34 –


The scene must have been similar to a riot: people screaming, birds flapping their wings, everywhere the pell-mell movement of a meat-hungry people in a sea of birds.  Dare we picture people ripping at the birds, eating flesh before cooking it, bestial in behavior?  They must have been like a sugar-crazed boy in a child’s daydream, afloat on a chocolate sandwich cookie raft in a sea of chocolate syrup, nibbling at the cookie before drowning in the dark, sweet sea.

(Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 1990), 795.


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