God Talks to Us Through the Bible

A reoccurring theological question from my kids revolves around why God doesn’t speak to them directly, like in a voice they can hear.  I’ve tried giving them several different answers.  It came up again the other day.  I was opening up the Bible to read at bedtime and said something like, “Let’s see what God has to say to us tonight.”  The honest, genuine questions started coming – “I don’t want to have to read the Bible; I want God to just talk to me.”  I told them that God could speak like that to them.  He certainly has done that to people in the past.  But now he has given us a book and told us to listen to him there and we can’t demand that God speak to us the way we want him to.  This was not finally satisfying for them.

As I thought more myself about why God has primarily ordained to speak to us through a written revelation today, another reason came to mind (from the Holy Spirit?).  He doesn’t speak audibly to everyone in private with their own personalized messages because he wants our faith not to be a merely private, personal faith.  Rather, Christianity is supposed to be a communal reality where we’re all hearing and believing the same messages from God.  The Scriptures are objective revelations available to all so that we all can hear the same things and respond together.  “God told me this…”  “Well, God told me this…” (either audibly or subjectively through impressions) will only lead to further division and isolation.  God has spoken clearly in one place so we can all be together on the same page.

This was not ultimately satisfying to them… yet, but I pray that one day they will hear God’s voice distinctly calling them from the pages of Scripture into the people of God and they will find it truly satisfying.


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