Bring It Under the Blood of Jesus

From Francis Schaeffer, The Finished Work of Christ: The Truth of Romans 1-8 (Wheaton: Crossway, 1998), 127-28:

     When I became a Christian, I realized that Christ’s blood was enough to cover my past sin.  By the same token, I can also know that it is enough to cover the sins I have committed since I awoke this morning.  From time to time I do something so bad that I realize that, if it depended on me, I would surely be lost again.  When those times come, I must realize that I can bring those things under the shed blood of the Lord Jesus, and that His blood is enough to cleanse me.  Then I can simply say thank you.  This is the source of peace in the Christian’s heart.  It isn’t just an emotional experience.  It doesn’t require sitting on a pillar or going to a Bible retreat every other weekend.  It’s the objective reality of the finished work of the Lord Jesus Christ, applied to our present necessity in day by day, moment by moment cleansing.

Someone might ask, “How often can we do this?  How often can we claim forgiveness for these endless daily sins?”  We can do so as often as we need to.  When Peter asked Christ, “How often shall I forgive my brother?” Christ said, “Not seven times, but seventy times seven” (Matt. 18:22).  If we humans are supposed to forgive each other that often, surely God’s forgiveness of us is infinitely greater.  How often should we ask His forgiveness?  As often as we need to!

Someone might object: Doesn’t this do discredit to the work of the Lord Jesus, to fall into temptation and an hour later to fall into the same temptation – and both times to “bring it under the blood of Jesus?”  Doesn’t this trivialize Christ’s work?  Quite the contrary, there is really only one thing that can minimize Christ’s saving work, and that is our failing to lay hold of it.


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