Why I Prefer To Be Buried And Not Cremated

From Russell Moore’s new book Onward (Nashville: B&H, 2015), 61-62:

“Can’t I be resurrected from an urn as easily as I can from a casket?” they ask.  Of course.  That’s not the point.  God can resurrect me if my body is eaten by alligators, but I wouldn’t dispose of Aunt Gladys that way, shrugging and asking, “What does it matter?   See her in heaven.”  The way we treat the body is a sign of what we believe about the future.  The women around Jesus cared for his body, anointing it with spices, because it was him; they knew that the body is important because it will be part of the new creation, whether that resurrection happens in a matter of days or after billions of years of decay.  Christians respect the body because we believe our material bodies are part of God’s goal for us and for the universe.


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