Oaks not Mushrooms

Chapter 7 – “The Growth Chart of the Christian Life” – in Tony Reinke’s book Newton on the Christian Life: To Live Is Christ (Wheaton: Crossway, 2015) came at just the right moment for me this week, when I’ve been discouraged and impatient.  There’s so much wisdom in this chapter!

It closes with this quote from Newton:

Remember, the growth of a believer is not like a mushroom, but like an oak, which increases slowly indeed but surely.  Many suns, showers, and frosts, pass upon it before it comes to perfection; and in winter, when it seems dead, it is gathering strength at the root.  Be humble, watchful, and diligent in the means, and endeavor to look through all, and fix you eye upon Jesus, and all shall be well.

And these words from Reinke:

In our impatient smartphone culture, this may be the most important takeaway from Newton’s three letters on the growth of grace in the Christian life.  Sync your spiritual expectations to the leisurely agricultural pace of God.  Live simply and live patiently, knowing that God is growing you for the ages.  Be patient and faithful in the ordinary means of grace.

Faithful pastor, don’t fuss over the imperceptible growth in your flock.  Let God’s timing recalibrate your expectations for what maturity will look like in them.  Although the progress is often unseen, and your pastoral labors never end, the Spirit-born fruit is growing.  Celebrate even the smallest evidences of maturity you see.  Christian, don’t fuss over your current mood as a gauge of your spiritual health, but keep two eyes focused daily on the Christ who hung on a tree (158-59).


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