Back from Camping

We arrived back in Wheaton last night after a week of camping in Iowa near Andrea’s grandparents’ farm. All of Andrea’s family was there. Here’s a video of me catching a whopper!

We got to visit with some good friends in Waterloo on the way back. He’s a pastor and we were able to visit his wonderful church.

Here’s another great quote I read this week that I’ll share with you:

The gracious and most excellent assistance of the Spirit of God in praying and preaching, is not by immediately suggesting words to the apprehension, which may be with a cold, dead heart; but by warming the heart, and filling it with a great sense of the things to be spoken, and with holy affections, that these may suggest words. Thus indeed the Spirit of God may be said, indirectly and mediately, to suggest words to us, and indite our petitions for us, and to teach the preacher what to say; he fills the heart, and that fills the mouth…. But since there is no immediate suggesting of words from the Spirit of God to be expected or desired, they who neglect and despise study and premeditation, in order to a preparation for the pulpit… are guilty of presumption.

By the way, that’s from Jonathan Edwards.

Two more weeks of sabbatical! I can’t wait to get back and get caught up with everybody!


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